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The Legendha Sukhothai Resort

Legendha Sukhothai

As the name already says, the resort is located in the city Sukhothai, known as the first truly independent Thai kingdom. Sukhothai is located in the northern region of Thailand. Under the lead of King Ramkhamhaeng, this kingdom enjoyed a golden age. An interesting fact is that he also created the Thai alphabet. This alphabet, together with the amazing monuments and temples are still present nowadays. The ancient monuments and temples have been restored in the Sukhothai Historical Park, which is declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and which is a must see for every traveler. The Legendha Sukhothai Resort is on walking distance of this World Heritage Site, the ancient culture is one of the bases of the concept of this resort. The resort is spectacularly designed and constructed in the Sukhothai village style, inspired by the beauty of the traditional village. Paved with similar bricks used in the ancient time and enriched with typical Thai plants and decorations, the ancient times can be relived. read more

Le Charme Sukhothai Resort

Charming Resort in Sukhothai

Nearby The Legendha Sukhothai Resort, the second resort of Serenata Hotels & Resorts Group in Sukhothai is located, named Le Charme Sukhothai Resort. The city, known as the first truly independent kingdom of Thailand was founded in the 13th century. The literal meaning of this city is ‘Dawn of Happiness’. The city is well-known of its magnificent history, which is nowadays still available for the eyes of the interested travelers. All the credits go to King Ramkhamhaeng, who was Thailand’s first great king and reigned for up to 40 years. One of his many good deeds was creating the Thai alphabet, which is also still in use today. The grandiose monuments and temples of this great city have been restored in the Sukhothai Historic Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although it is not one of the 7 wonders of the world, it is definitely a must-see for the traveler. read more