UNESCO World Heritage Site

    Sukhothai used to be a big kingdom with the size of the current Thailand, seen by many as the precedent to the Kingdom of Thailand. However, as the kingdoms were in constant wars the Kingdom of Sukhothai eventually fell. Now, approximately 600 years later, New Sukhothai is located 12 Km from the old capital which has now been deemed the Sukhothai Historical Park. The park has opened in 1988 and declared a World Heritage Site in 1991. The park has many beautiful temples as well as the impressive Ramkhamhaeng Museum.

    The area is a great place for all the history enthusiasts as well the ones planning on enjoying a relaxing holiday in the quiet and peaceful Sukhothai. The area offers some great resorts at which you can enjoy the weather, lay by the pool and easily explore the stunning national park by foot or on a bike.

    Sukothai.Co will give you an idea of the region and show you why it is definitely worth it to visit Sukhothai Historical Park. At the left you got some more information and articles about everything you need to know of Sukhothai.

    The historical park has a stunning total of 68 sights and temples. This ensures you that you will most definitely not be bored when exploring the park. You can rent a bike as well to go through the World Heritage Site to have a pleasant time in Sukhothai and the ancient city.

    As Sukhothai is located in Thailand, the weather is mostly good all year round. Especially the winter months, November till February are pleasant to visit as the temperature is relatively cool and it will most probable be dry as well. Besides that it does not really matter which months you will be visiting as the temperature is great during the whole year, except for the occasional rainy day.

    Location of Sukhothai

    Sukhothai is located in the North of Thailand and has a beautiful historical park close by which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Click on the picture for a clear map of the Historical Park

    Points of Interest

    Sukhothai Historical Park offers a wide range of Points of Interest, with 68 sights in total, ranging from museums to temples. To get more information about the most interesting Points of Interest click on the picture

    Legendha Sukhothai Resort

    This peaceful resort located amidst the temples of the ancient city Sukhothai is the perfect stay for you to explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site called the Sukhothai Historical Park. Furthermore, the resort provides all the amenities to provide you a truly joyful stay at Legend Sukhothai.

    Le Charme Sukhothai Resort

    Le Charme Sukhothai is a resort located in Sukhothai, providing a break from the business and offering you peace and serenity in the cultural province that is Sukhothai. Le Charme offers 40 stunning new villas located in-between lush gardens and beautiful ponds.

    Chiang Rai

    The Legend Chiang Rai

    Chiang Rai is the quiet little brother of Chiang Mai, located in the far north. Offering a different culture in comparison to the rest of Thailand as well as a peaceful and relaxing environment. The resort offers a unique style which originates from The Lanna.

    Chiang Mai

    Hmong Hilltribe Lodge

    Hmiong Hilltribe Lodge is located relatively close to Chiang Mai to offer you a perfect possibility for a trip to the city. Yet far away enough to provide you the beauty of the nature of Thailand. It gives you the chance to experience Hmong living and culture as well as complete serenity.